Maurizio Capitini

Sound Engineer – Sound Designer Rome, Italy

Maurizio Capitini  Professional Audio Engineering


Initially a musician performing with several Italian rock bands, in 1988 he moved to United States to improve his technicalRegia Spoleto and musical skills in fact, along with his performing activity in several clubs of the Los Angeles area, in 1990 he attended the TREBAS INSTITUTE OF RECORDING ARTS in Hollywood, California, attaining a diploma in Audio Engineering Technology and Recorded Music Production. Completed his educational training, he begins to engineer at Reel Sound Studio in Chatsworth, California, where he recorded and mixed many record projects for artists of the local Californian scene.

In 1992, he moves back to Italy, where he will continue his career and extending his knowledge to other branch of sound engineering such as: musical, theater, concerts and television shows.

In 1995, he manages to design and start up Suonaroma Studios, a recording studio and rehearsal facility located in Rome, Italy (currently LRS Factory).

Since 1996, he joined the technical crew of the Sistina Theater, engineering many of the local production shows.

In 2005, he designs a second recording studio in Rome, the Powerzone Studio (current Tracce Sonore) where he works as recording, mixing and mastering engineer for local artists, bands and movie soundtracks until the end of 2007

In 2006, he was asked to design and manage the audio sound reinforcement system at the auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, as well as engineering many of the hosted shows.

In 2008, he was in charge of designing the audio system at Teatro Sala Umberto in Rome, Italy.

Since 1996 he designed and engineered many Italian musical productions such as: Tommy “The Who’s Musical”, Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Rent, Aggiungi un posto a Tavola, Poveri ma Belli, Rugantino, Il Principe della Gioventù, Il Conte di Montecristo, L’Ultima Strega and many others…